Proofreader: Wahyuni Hadi
Translator Samuel Sirait, M.Th.

Water is vital for all living beings and bottled mineral waters are very common in our daily lives. The mineral water companies certainly claim that their products are hygiene and originated from natural spring water.
Undeniably, our natural environment now is far different from then decades ago. Safe drinking water is no longer accessible. Yet, humans always manage to find water sources to sustain their life.
What does the Bible say related to springs? Psalm 87: 7 wrote, "both singers and the players on instruments say, all my springs are in you.”
The verse above was written by the sons of Korah, not David. It was sung to express the overflowing joy of all the peoples who were born in the city of Zion, Jerusalem (verses 5-6).
We know that the sons of Korah were almost banished because their fathers became firebrands that caused the Israelites rebel against Moses and Aaron. And God made the earth open up and swallow all of Korah’s families and their homes and possessions to punish them (Numbers 16:32 -33).
However, some of Korah’s sons were spared. They became a new restored generation and did not follow in the footsteps of their ancestor. They became psalmists who always praised the Name of the Lord. Pay attention to this, God hates sin and He does not compromise Himself, yet He is gracious to those who repent.
What are the requirements to dwell in Zion? "this one and that one were born in her " (verse 5)
It shows:
-     We should be born again personally. We cannot follow suit. Did not Jesus rebuke Nicodemus (personally), a ruler of the Jews, and ask him to be born again (= the new birth) if he wanted to enter the Kingdom of God (John 3: 1-5)?
Let us not think if a person repents and experiences new birth and receives salvation then his family is also saved! Every person must experience a new birth personally. And do not get the wrong idea that once you are baptized you will automatically enter the kingdom of God even without a changed life.
-     The springs are within us, not outside. This means we (individuals), who have been saved, should not be complacent but we should 'go out' to be a living testimony. Let us reach the lost so they too will be saved, and overflowing praises heard.
Introspection: what is our answer when someone asks "Why did you accept Jesus as your Savior?" Is it because of our personal experience with Him? Or, is it because of the coercion from our spouse, parents, family, friends, etc.?
What are the characteristics of a good spring?
·         God made spring (Revelation 14: 7) only produces one type of water. And this water does not change its form, e.g: one time fresh water and another time sea water.
Implication: our faith must be steadfast. It should not change easily, as the warning written in James 3:10, blessing and cursing come from the same mouth.
·         A spring water constantly overflows- not stagnant – to wash away filthy things that fall into the water. Unfortunately, people often contaminate their springs and make the water unhealthy and even toxic.
When does the Bible mention about springs?
Ø  The flood in Noah's time.
Seeing the mounting human wickedness, God decided to destroy them with the earth (Genesis 6:13). Noah was instructed to make the ark. And while building the ark, he surely preached the gospel to everybody he met, but his hearers took it for granted. God’s judgment fell with all the fountains of the great deep burst open, and the floodgates of the sky were opened (Genesis 7:11). And all men died except Noah and his seven family members (Genesis 8:18). Then God promised that He would no longer punish the world with water (verse 21).
Indeed, God is the Creator who wants to bless men as His creation. But if we refuse, God does not impose His will on us.
Application: we should learn from Noah who raised his children to live a life pleasing to God, including in their marriage life.
Ø  The journey in the wilderness
When the Israelites went out of Egypt into the Promised Land, Canaan, they were worried about their basic needs, including drinking water. On their way they met 12 springs, and camped by the water (Exodus 15:27). Then they went on and arrived in the wilderness of Sin in which there was a spring named Meribah. In this place the Israelites quarreled and tested the Lord and He showed his holiness among them (Exodus 17:1, 7)
Consequently, Moses and Aaron became the fall guys, Moses was barred to enter the Promised Land, Canaan. Because they desecrated the Holiness of the Lord before the eyes of Israel (Numbers 20: 11-13).
Implementation: Let us pray for our church leaders so they are not easily provoked by the complaints of the congregation that make them discouraged and eventually disobey the Lord’s will and command. Another example: Apostle Peter, as a herald of God's Word, became a hypocrite. He used to eat with the Gentiles but when certain men from James came he withdrew himself (Galatians 1: 11-13). Let us be watchful! God pays attention to every word and every deed, whether we obey Him or rebel against His law.
Ø  The third Trumpet blown
When the third angel blew the trumpet, a great star, named Wormwood, fell from heaven, blazing like a torch. And it fell on a third of the rivers and springs of water, causing many people die because the water became bitter (Revelation 8: 10-11).
On the other hand, God wants us to have three kinds of spring as a testimony to others, namely:
a.    Springs of salvation (Isaiah. 12)  Court of the Tabernacle
"Therefore with joy you will draw water from the wells of Salvation." (Isaiah.12: 3)
One of the works that Jesus did was healing the sick (sinners) who needed a physician, experienced by Matthew the tax collector (Matthew. 9: 11-13).
We must be aware of our need for salvation from Jesus because we all have sinned.
God wants us to enjoy the springs of salvation with exultation because He was angry but His anger is turned away and we receive the forgiveness of sin (verses 1-2).
Application: let us experience forgiveness from God so that we can truly give thanks and praise His Name. Indeed, no one is able to turn God’s holy heart and make Him forgive our sin, except through the atoning sacrifice of His only Son, Jesus.
God becomes the springs of salvation for all who believe in Him. It is said "draw water" in verse 3, which indicates an action. What action should we do after we receive salvation from Him? We call the name of the Lord. In other words, we share the Word of truth to all people, regardless the risks - hated, slandered, ostracized, persecuted etc. In fact, many believers are afraid to call the Name of Jesus, their Savior, outside the church. And such salvation is questionable.
In Tabernacle teaching, Jesus becomes a sin offering for the salvation of men (The Altar of Burnt Offering) and He renews our life (The Bronze Laver).
b.   Spring of satisfaction (John. 4)  the Holy Place
"But whoever drinks the water that I shall give him, he will not thirst for ever. Instead the water that I shall give him will become in him a spring which constantly springing up to eternal life. "(John 4: 14)
The verse above is Jesus' conversation with the Samaritan woman who never got satisfaction in her marriage. Jesus is always helpful and giving; hence He offered a spring of satisfaction to this woman whose marriage is falling apart (verses 17-18). Jesus told the woman to call her husband. It was not an arbitrary command but it contained an invitation for salvation for both the Samaritan woman and the nearby people who heard the message of salvation from her. The woman told the whole city of Samaria about Jesus, and they believed in Him (verse 39).
Application: When the Holy Spirit fills our life and He overflows in us, the spring of satisfaction will flow continuously until eternal life. And the people around us feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. On the contrary, for those who have not felt the fresh flow of the Holy Spirit, check yourself whether you have opened your heart. Pay attention, a dry spring will produce empty words that make people uncomfortable.
Remember, God is watching every marriage that He created. Divorce, infidelity, and anything alike are the result of sin and a violation of the Word of God. No one is able to have satisfaction in marriage without Jesus Christ, the Redeemer. Do not play around with marriage (physical) in this world because it will bring us to spiritual marriage!
God gives us satisfaction through meditating on His Word (The Table of Showbread), worship (Altar of Burnt Incense) and bearing witness for Him (The Gold Lampstand).
c.    Fountain of life (Revelation 7: 9-17)  The Most Holy Place
"they shall neither hunger anymore not thirst anymore; the sun shall not strike them, nor any heat; for the Lamb who is in the midst of the throne will shepherd them and lead them to living fountains of waters. And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes." (Revelation. 7: 16-17)
Is our life still full of tears of sorrow and misery? God offers a solution: be willing to enter into His Shepherding, to be guided to the New Jerusalem in where we will be seated next to the Heavenly Bridegroom forever (the Ark of Covenant).
Salvation, satisfaction and eternal life are the essence of God The trinity that we can not divide into parts, meaning: we cannot experience eternal life without salvation from Jesus. After we are saved, we are filled with the Holy Spirit. And there is no way we can shut our mouth and not share to others about the work of salvation that Jesus has done.
Let us admit, each of us must be dealing with difficult situations that reduce us to tears. Only the Lord Jesus, the great Shepherd, is able to turn our tears into joyful fountain of life in the new Jerusalem. Amen.

Lemah Putro, Sunday Morning, August 14, 2016
Rev. Paulus Budiono


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