Arise, All Souls, Arise



Arise, all souls, arise! The watch is past;

A glory breaks above the cloud at last.

There comes a rushing mighty wind again!

The breath of God is still the life of men;

The day ascending fills the waiting skies,

All souls, arise!



It comes the breath of God through all the skies!

To live, to breathe with Him, all souls, arise!

Open the windows toward the shining East;

Call in the guests, and spread a wider feast,

The Lord pours forth as sacramental wine

His breath divine!



It comes a larger life, a deeper breath;

Arise, all souls, arise, and conquer death!

Spread forth the feast, the dew and manna fall

And angels whisper, “Drink ye of it all;

Drink of His truth, and feed upon His love,

With saints above!”



Arise, all souls, arise, to meet your Guest!

His light flames from the East unto the West.

The Lord of earth and Heaven is at the door,

He comes to break His bread to all His poor;

Arise and serve with Him, His moment flies;

All souls arise!

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