Don’t Forget the Sabbath



That man a godly life might live,

Don’t forget the Sabbath,

The Lord our God hath blest,

Of all the week the brightest,

Of all the week the best;

It brings repose from labor,

It tells of joy divine,

Its beams of light descending,

With heav’nly beauty shine.



Welcome, welcome, ever welcome,

Blessed Sabbath day,

Welcome, welcome, ever welcome,

Blessed Sabbath day.



Keep the Sabbath holy,

And worship Him today,

Who said to His disciples,

“I am the living Way”;

And if we meekly follow

Our Savior here below,

He’ll give us of the fountain

Whose streams eternal flow.



Day of sacred pleasure!

Its golden hours we’ll spend

In thankful hymns to Jesus,

The children’s dearest Friend;

O gentle, loving, Savior,

How good and kind Thou art,

How precious is Thy promise

To dwell in every heart!

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