Eternal God, Mover Unmoved



Eternal God, mover unmoved,

Your frightful power was greatly proved

When you made all from naught.

You formed man in your image bright.

You spared our parents no delight

And all your world was good and right

While your just will man sought.



A foe more ancient than the earth,

Who reached for your high place of worth,

Then launched his fatal plan.

And though your law was only one,

Eve took and ate, and having done,

Bade Adam eat, and in that one

All died, and so fell man.



Our foe was pleased, but could not tell

Your plan of grace for man who fell,

Nor measure your design.

For so to point to future grace,

You set apart a holy race

Through faith in what would soon take place,

Though veiled with law and sign.



You willed for slaughtered lambs to show

The way in which your Lamb would go

When ransoming his own.

For though in one man, mankind fell,

This second Adam conquered Hell,

And rising, conquered death as well,

Then reassumed His throne.



Thus while your children war below

With flesh and with our ancient foe,

Our victory is sure.

For you will come with trump and light,

And end what’s left of Satan’s might,

And take us home for your delight,

Eternally secure.

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