God Reveals His Presence




God reveals His presence,

Let us now adore Him,

And with awe appear before Him.

God is in His temple,

All in us keep silence,

And before Him bow with reverence.

Him alone, God we own,

He’s our Lord and Savior;

Praise His Name forever.



God reveals His presence,

Whom angelic legions

Serve with awe in heav’nly regions:

Holy, Holy, Holy,

Sing the hosts of Heaven,

Praise to God be ever given:

Condescend to attend

Graciously, O Jesus;

To our songs and praises.



O majestic Being,

Were our soul and body

Thee to serve at all times ready;

Might we, like the angels

Who behold Thy glory,

In submission sink before Thee;

And through grace all our days

In our whole demeanor,

Give Thee praise and honor!



Lord, come dwell within us,

While on earth we tarry,

Make us Thy blest sanctuary.

O vouchsafe Thy presence,

Draw unto us nearer,

And reveal Thyself still clearer;

Us direct and protect,

Thus we in all places

Shall show forth Thy praises.

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