In Thy Holy Place




In Thy holy place we bow,

Perfumes sweet to heaven rise,

While our golden censers glow

With the fire of sacrifice.

Saints low bending, prayers ascending,

Holy lips and hands implore;

Faith believing and receiving

Grace from Him Whom we adore.



Holy light doth fill this place,

Spirit light our way to guide;

In the presence of Thy face

Sin and darkness ne’er can hide.

Heaven’s gleaming, fullness streaming,

Life and truth for man is found;

Light pervading, never fading,

Lighting all the world around.



On Thy holy bread we feed,

Hunger nevermore to know;

Thou suppliest all our need;

Father, whither shall we go?

Ne’er forsaking, here partaking

Bread our souls to satisfy;

Here abiding and confiding,

We shall never want nor die.

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