Oh How Fair That Morning Broke



Oh how fair that morning broke,

When in Eden man awoke!

Beast and bird and insect bright

Reveled in the gladsome light;

God looked down from Heav’n above,

All was life and joy and love.



Ah! the doleful change when sin

Darkly, subtly entered in!

War and pestilence and dearth

Mar and sadden God’s fair earth;

Human sorrow fills the air;

Death is reigning everywhere.



Yet rejoice; for God on high

Hath not left His world to die!

God’s dear Son, with dying breath,

Broke the power of sin and death;

Christ the Tempter overthrew,

Christ is making all things new.



Lord, in me be sin subdued,

So may I with heart renewed,

Fight the fight and run the race,

Work in my appointed place,

Waiting for the glad new birth

Of Thy perfect Heav’n and earth.


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