Prayer For Creation



O, Creator of the cosmos, we present our hearts in prayer.

We are awestruck by your glory, which surrounds us everywhere.

From the birdsong of the morning to a stormy sky at night,

You reveal yourself in Nature, in its gentleness and might.



Through each rainbow that you send us you renew your covenant

With the earth and all life on it, telling us of your intent

That each living thing should flourish, in its own way, in its place.

You call us to new awareness of our neighbors and their space.



In our eagerness to prosper, we have ravaged what was good.

Using more than what was needed, taking everything we could.

We have changed the gentle order you intended for the earth.

Now we humbly ask the wisdom to be part of its re-birth.



We seek mercy, we seek vision, and the courage we will need

As we work to help the victims of the sins of human greed.

By our choices, in our actions, may we be part of your plans.

Help us gently till the Garden you’ve entrusted to our hands.



Finding strength in common purpose, may your faithful people be

Voices for a new perspective, leaders in simplicity.

Give us guidance, O, Creator. Give us power to achieve

True compassion for Creation as the legacy we leave.

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