The Lord of Might from Sinai’s Brow



The Lord of might from Sinai’s brow

Gave forth His voice of thunder;

And Israel lay on earth below,

Outstretched in fear and wonder;

Beneath His feet was pitchy night,

And at His left hand, and His right,

The rocks were rent asunder.



The Lord of love, on Calvary,

A meek and suffering Stranger,

Upraised to heaven His languid eye,

In nature’s hour of danger;

For us, He bore the weight of woe,

For us, He gave His blood to flow,

And met His Father’s anger.



The Lord of love, the Lord of might,

The King of all created,

Shall back return to claim His right,

On clouds of glory seated;

With trumpet sound and angel song,

And hallelujahs loud and long,

O’er death and hell defeated.

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