Wake the Song of Jubilee




Wake the song of jubilee,

Let it echo o’er the sea!

Now is come the promised hour,

Jesus reigns with sov’reign power.

All ye nations, join and sing,

Christ of lords and kings is King.

Let it sound from shore to shore

Jesus reigns forevermore.



Now the desert lands rejoice,

And the islands join their voice,

Yea, the whole creation sings,

“Jesus is the King of kings.”

See the ransomed millions stand,

Palms of conquest in their hands,

This before the throne their strain,

Hell is vanquished, death is slain.



Blessing, honor, glory, might

Are the Conqu’ror’s native right;

Thrones and powers before Him fall,

Lamb of God and Lord of all.

Time has nearly reached its sum;

All things with the bride say, “Come.”

Jesus, whom all worlds adore,

Come, and reign forevermore.

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