Welcome for Me



Like a bird on the deep, far away from its nest,

I had wandered, my Savior, from Thee,

But Thy dear loving voice called me home to Thy breast,

And I knew there was welcome for me.



Welcome for me, Savior, from Thee;

A smile and a welcome for me;

Now, like a dove, I rest in Thy love,

And find a sweet refuge in Thee.



I am safe in the ark; I have folded my wings

On the bosom of mercy divine;

I am filled with the light, of Thy presence so bright,

And the joy that will ever be mine.



I am safe in the ark, and I dread not the storm,

Though around me the surges may roll;

I will look to the skies, where the day never dies,

I will sing of the joy in my soul.

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