Choose Ye Today



A blessing for you—will you take it?

Choose ye today;

A word from the heart—will you speak it?

Choose ye today:

Will you believe, or your Savior neglect?

Will you receive, or His mercy reject?

Pause, ere you answer, oh, pause and reflect—

Choose ye today.



A death to be feared—will you fear it?

Choose ye today;

A voice that invites—will you hear it?

Choose ye today.

Straight is the portal and narrow the way;

Enter, poor soul, and be saved while you may;

Think what may hang on a moment’s delay—

Choose ye today.



The cross of your Lord—will you bear it?

Choose ye today:

There’s life in that cross—will you share it?

Choose ye today:

Soon will your time of probation be o’er,

Then will the Spirit entreat you no more,

Jesus no longer will stand at the door—

Choose ye today.



The bondage of sin—will you break it?

Choose ye today:

The water of life—will you take it?

Choose ye today.

Come to the arms that are open for you,

Hide in the wounds that by faith you may view;

Death ere the morrow your steps may pursue—

Choose ye today.

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