Come, Every Pious Heart



Come, every pious heart,

That loves the Savior’s Name,

Your noblest powers exert

To celebrate His fame;

Tell all above, and all below;

That debt of love to Him you owe.



He left His starry crown,

And laid His robes aside;

On wings of love came down,

And wept, and bled, and died:

What He endured, O who can tell,

To save our souls from death and hell!



From the dark grave He rose;

The mansions of the dead,

And thence His mighty foes

In glorious triumph led;

Up through the sky the Conqueror rode;

And reigns on High, the Savior God.



From thence He’ll quickly come,

His chariot will not stay,

And bear our spirits home

To realms of endless day;

There shall we see His lovely face

And ever be in His embrace.



Jesus, we ne’er can pay

The debt we owe Thy love;

Yet tell us how we may

Our gratitude approve;

Our hearts, our all to Thee we give;

The gift, though small, Thou wilt receive.

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