Elijah’s God Still Lives



Elijah made a sacrifice

To offer to Jehovah;

It had been wet with water thrice,

Baal’s sacrifice was over.

Elijah prayed: the fire came down

And licked the water all around;

So doubting ones believed, and found

Elijah’s God was living.



Elijah’s God still lives today,

To take the guilt of sin away;

And when I pray my heart’s desire,

Upon my soul He sends the fire.



Elijah’s God still lives today

And answers still by fire;

My friend, just let Him have His way;

He’ll grant your heart’s desire.

Consume the sacrifice you make,

And bid your slumbr’ing soul awake;

The chains of inbred sin will break;

Elijah’s God is living.



Elijah’s God still lives today

And answers still by power,

As when Elijah prayed for rain,

God answered with a shower.

If you would have your soul refreshed

With rain that falls from Heaven,

You must “pray through” like all the rest,

And showers shall be given.

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