Glorious Is Thy Name, O Lord!




Glorious is Thy Name, O Lord!

Heav’n and earth with one accord

Tell Thy greatness, part revealed,

But the larger part concealed.

How shall we poor singers dare

Seek Thy face in praise and prayer?



Fearful is Thy Name, O Lord!

Dread Thy voice and sharp Thy sword;

Thunders roll around Thy path;

None can stand before Thy wrath!

How shall trembling sinners dare

Lift their voice in praise and prayer?



Yet with all Thy wondrous might

Far beyond our mortal sight,

Perfect wisdom, boundless powers,

Thou, O glorious God! art ours.

So, though filled with awe, we dare

Name Thy Name in praise and prayer.



Since, to save a world undone,

Thou didst give Thine only Son,

All Thy greatness, Lord Most High,

Brings Thee to our hearts more nigh.

Thus in faith and hope we dare

Claim Thy love in praise and prayer.

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