His Mighty Hand



I am saved from sin, I have peace within,

And I walk with Jesus day by day;

O His hand so strong, holds me all day long,

And with Him I will not go astray.



He will hold me with His mighty hand!

He will hold me with His mighty hand!

In temptation He will help me stand!

For He will hold me with His mighty hand.



Many passed me by, heeding not my cry,

But the Savior heard and rescued me;

I was lost and blind, Jesus was so kind,

Lo, He touched my eyes and now I see.



There’s a promise sure, and it shall endure,

“Lo, I will be with thee all the way”;

And though foes assail, I shall still prevail,

For I know He helps me watch and pray.



There is sweeter peace, there is perfect peace,

And my Father’s Word is wondrous dear;

There is mighty pow’r, for each trying hour,

There is love that “castteth out all fear!”

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