I Bring Thee All




Father of love, of justice and of mercy,

Thou art the dawn, the star at eventide;

Show Thou Thy face, and light my way to Calv’ry,

There all my sins in Thee to hide.

I bring Thee all my sins,

None can forgive but Thee.



I bring Thee all, I bring Thee all;

O, give Thyself to me, I bring Thee all.



O Thou, of Whom the heav’ns are but a symbol,

Be Thou the sun that draws my heart to Thee;

Be Thou the light the stars at night do kindle,

Thy love is more than all to me.

I bring Thee all my heart,

None do I love like Thee.



O Man of Sorrows, praying in the garden,

Thy sweat as blood falls down upon the ground.

In that dark agony my sins are pardoned;

My solace in Thy grief is found.

I bring Thee all my tears,

None can console like Thee.

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