Jesus, Lord of Our Salvation



Jesu, Lord of our salvation,

For Thy warrior, bold and true,

Now accept our thankful praises,

And our strength do Thou renew,

That, like George, with courage dauntless

We may all our foes subdue.



Blazoned on our country’s banner,

England bears the true knight’s sign:

Lord, our fatherland empower

That, endued with strength divine,

She may evermore with courage

Bear the standard that is Thine.



Fill her youth with manly spirit,

Patient, self restrained, and pure,

Of Thy cause the ready champions,

Never flinching to endure

Hardness for the Name of Jesus;

So their triumph shall be sure.



Teach her manhood to confess Thee

As the Master, Lord, and King;

All their powers consecrated

To Thy service may men bring,

And of loyal speech and action

Make to Thee an offering.



Jesus, Lord, Thou mighty Victor,

Thy all glorious Name we praise;

Thou art with us, God Almighty;

’Midst our ranks Thy shout we raise;

Where Thy kingly war cry soundeth,

Lead us on through all our days.

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