Look Up! Ye Weary Ones



Look up! look up! ye weary ones,

Whose skies are veiled in night;

For He Who knows the path you tread

Will yet restore the light;

Look up! and hail the dawning

Of hope’s triumphant morning.



“Behold Him! behold Him!

Your Savior lives today;

Behold Him! behold Him!

The clouds have rolled away.”



The gifts you bring with loving hand

Your Lord will not disown!

Their odors sweet to Heav’n shall rise

Like incense round His throne;

Look up! and hail the dawning

Of joy’s transcendent morning.



Rejoice! the grave is overcome,

And lo! the angels sing;

The grandest triumph ever known

Has come thro’ Christ our King;

All Heav’n proclaims the dawning

Of love’s all glorious morning.

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