Rise, Ye Children of Salvation




Rise, ye children of salvation,

All who cleave to Christ the Head;

Wake, awake, O mighty nation,

Ere the foe on Zion tread;

He draws nigh, and would defy

All the hosts of God most high.



Saints and martyrs long before us

Firmly on this ground have stood;

See their banner waving o’er us,

Conquerors through the Savior’s blood.

Ground we hold, whereon of old,

Fought the faithful and the bold.



Fighting, we shall be victorious

By the blood of Christ our Lord;

On our foreheads, bright and glorious,

Shines the witness of His Word;

Spear and shield on battlefield,

His great Name; we cannot yield.



When His servants stand before Him

Each receiving his reward,

When His saints in light adore Him,

Giving glory to the Lord;

“Victory!” our song shall be

Like the thunder of the sea.

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