Sing, My Soul, to God Who Made Thee



Sing, my soul, to God Who made thee,

Raise to Heav’n thy grateful voice;

All His creatures, singing, bid thee

In His goodness now rejoice.

Pure and holy love unbounded

Fills His tender heart and kind;

All who truly serve Him find

Rest, by God’s strong arm surrounded.



Heaven and earth may not endure,

But God’s love is ever sure.



E’en the Son He loved so dearly,

Died that we through Him might live,

Was e’er love like His, who merely

Lived His life in love to give?

Holy Spirit, teach and guide me,

Fill my heart with loving faith;

Faith can break the power of death,

Naught I fear with Thee beside me.



When I sleep His care surrounds me,

With new strength and youth imbues;

His unbounded grace confounds me,

Each new morn His love renews.

In sore trial and temptation

He, my Savior, still is near,

Bids me, “Child do thou not fear,

Thou shalt yet see My salvation.”

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