The Old Ship of Zion



I was drifting away on life’s pitiless sea,

And the angry waves threatened my ruin to be,

When away at my side, there I dimly descried,

A stately old vessel, and loudly I cried:

“Ship ahoy! Ship ahoy!”

And loudly I cried: “Ship ahoy!”



’Twas the “old ship of Zion,” thus sailing along,

All aboard her seemed joyous, I heard their sweet song;

And the Captain’s kind ear, ever ready to hear,

Caught my wail of distress, as I cried out in fear:

“Ship ahoy! Ship ahoy!”

As I cried out in fear: “Ship ahoy!”



The good Captain commanded a boat to be low’red,

And with tender compassion He took me on board;

And I’m happy today, all my sins washed away

In the blood of my Savior, and now I can say:

“Bless the Lord! Bless the Lord!”

From my soul I can say: “Bless the Lord!”



O soul, sinking down ’neath sin’s merciless wave,

The strong arm of our Captain is mighty to save;

Then trust Him today, no longer delay,

Board the old ship of Zion, and shout on your way:

“Jesus saves! Jesus saves!”

Shout and sing on your way: “Jesus saves!”

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