We Are Well Able



’Twas the Lord of hosts that led us out of Egypt’s sand;

And He led us through the Red Sea by His mighty hand,

Never halting in the wilderness, but His command

Gave assurance we were able to possess the land.



We are able to go up and take the country,

And possess the land from Jordan to the sea;

And, though giants tall be there our way to hinder,

God will surely give the victory.



When the spies brought back the message, this is what they said:

“Against giants and walled cities, we cannot be led”;

But a Caleb and a Joshua said, “They’ll be as bread”;

We are able to go up, possess the land ahead.



When we crossed the river Jordan, in the land we found:

Wine and oil and milk and honey, richest fruits abound;

Sparkling fountains, and the showers come upon the ground;

We are able, Hallelujah! Let God’s praise resound.



There’s no thirsting for old Egypt, since we’re in this way,

And we care not what the critics or the ten spies say;

For the land abounds in plenty, and we’re here to stay,

Won’t you come and join us, brother, enter in today?

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