We Thank You, Lord



We thank You, Lord, and worship You with gladness;

We praise Your Name and lift our hearts in song;

For You are good, Your love endures forever,

Your faithfulness continues all day long.

You’ve lavished us with every spiritual blessing;

We thank You, Lord, and praise You now in song.



We thank You, Lord, for everyday provisions,

For daily food, for clothes and shelter too,

For health and strength and grace for every trial,

For this free land where we can worship You.

You crown each day with Your abundant goodness;

We thank You, Lord, and lift our praise to You.



We thank You, Lord, for giving us salvation.

You sent Your Son that we might be forgiv’n.

Far as the east from west, our sins have vanished;

Now justified, we’re citizens of Heav’n.

You’ve sealed us with Your promised Holy Spirit;

We thank You, Lord, for love so freely giv’n!



We thank You, Lord, for giving us the Bible

To guide our steps, if we’ll but hear and read,

And for Your Church, a worldwide living body,

That gives sweet fellowship and meets our need.

We are encouraged, and we worship gladly;

We thank You, Lord, You’ve made us rich indeed!

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