What Am I, O Thou Glorious God!




What am I, O Thou glorious God!

And what my father’s house to Thee,

That Thou such mercies hast bestowed

On me, the chief of sinners, me!

I take the blessing from above,

And wonder at Thy boundless love.



Me in my blood Thy love passed by,

And stopped, my ruin to retrieve;

Wept o’er my soul Thy pitying eye,

Thy bowels yearned, and sounded “Live!”

Dying, I heard the welcome sound,

And pardon in Thy mercy found.



Honor, and might, and thanks, and praise,

I render to my pardoning God,

Extol the riches of Thy grace,

And spread Thy saving Name abroad,

That only name to sinners giv’n,

Which lifts poor dying worms to Heav’n.



Jesus, I bless Thy gracious power,

And all within me shouts Thy Name;

Thy Name let every soul adore,

Thy power let every tongue proclaim;

Thy grace let every sinner know,

And find with me their heaven below.

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