When the Weary, Seeking Rest



When the weary, seeking rest,

To Thy goodness flee;

When the heavy laden cast

All their load on Thee;

When the troubled, seeking peace,

On Thy Name shall call;

When the sinner, seeking life,

At Thy feet shall fall:

Hear then in love, O Lord, the cry

In Heav’n, Thy dwelling place on high.



When the child, with grave fresh lip,

Youth, or maiden fair,

When the aged, weak and grey,

Seek Thy face in prayer;

When the widow weeps to Thee,

Sad and lone and low;

When the orphan brings to Thee

All his orphan woe:



When the stranger asks a home,

All his toils to end;

When the hungry craveth food,

And the poor a friend;

When the sailor on the wave

Bows the fervent knee;

When the soldier on the field

Lifts his heart to Thee:



When the man of toil and care,

In the city crowd,

When the shepherd on the moor,

Names the Name of God;

When the learned and the high

Tired of earthly fame,

Upon higher joys intent,

Name the blessed Name:



When the worldling, sick at heart,

Lifts his soul above;

When the prodigal looks back

To his Father’s love;

When the proud man, in his pride,

Stoops to seek Thy face;

When the burdened brings his guilt

To Thy throne of grace:

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