Wherefore Do the Nations Rage



Wherefore do the nations rage,

And the people vainly dream,

That in triumph they can wage

War against the Lord supreme?

His Anointed they deride,

And the rulers plotting say:

Their dominion be defied,

Let us cast their bonds away.



But the Lord will scorn them all,

Calm He sits enthroned on high;

Soon His wrath will on them fall,

Angered then He will reply:

Yet according to My will

I have set My King to reign,

And on Zion’s holy hill

Mine Anointed I maintain.



This the word declared to me,

This Jehovah’s firm decree:

Thou art my beloved Son,

Yea, I have begotten Thee.

Ask and have Thy full demands,

Thine shall all the heathen be,

Thine the utmost of the lands,

They shall be possessed of Thee.



Dash them like a potter’s urn,

Thou shalt break them with a rod.

Therefore, kings and judges, learn

Anxiously to serve your God.

Kiss the Son and worship Him,

Lest ye perish in the way;

Blest are all who trust in Him,

Yea, supremely blest are they.

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