KPRI 89 Why Have You Chosen Me


Verse 1

Why have you chosen me out of millions your child to be,

You know all the wrongs that I’ve done.

O how could you pardon me, forgive my iniquity,

To save me give Jesus Your Son,



But Lord help me be what You want me to be

Your word I will strive to obey,

My life I now give, for You I will live

and walk by Your side all the way.


Verse 2

I am amazed to know that a God so great could love me so,

He’s willing and wanting to bless.

His grace is so wonderful, His mercy so bountiful,

I can’t understand it I confess.


Verse 3

In this world of darkness many lives are filled with emptiness,

They too need to know of Your love.

O Lord help me point to them the truth, the life, the way,

and bless each life I meet day to day,

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