Falling For You - Leeland


Verse 1:

A childlike love I had

When we first began

We ran and I fell behind

I've been stuck here all this time

You waited like a lover

Who couldn't let go of his bride

I turned my back away from You

Didn't shed a tear or cry


Verse 2:

My feet were bruised

I tried but I couldn't fill Your shoes

I went my way

I bought the lie that I was all grown up

Didn't need You in my life

The winter left me cold and frozen

Looking for the truth

But searching for the sun

I found the place where I met You



But I'm falling for You now

I'm coming back

To the place where we parted

It's for real this time

So I'll be here waiting where we started



It feels so good

To be in Your arms

You never left me

I just chose to stay behind

I want to thank You for Your love

That gives me freedom

To run back, to come back

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