Too Much - Leeland


Verse 1:

All these places I have been

All these faces I have seen

Too much, too much

All these bricks and all these stones

Have all been cast they've all been thrown

Too hard, too hard


Verse 2:

All these cliffs and all these heights

They've just been too high to climb

Too high, too high

All these waves and all these seas

Have all been crashing down on me

Too much, too much



Find me in the background looking down

You'll never see my face

I'm looking down



I need a place a sanctuary

A refuge for my ordinary

Finally familiar peaceful home

Untroubled safe from all this madness

Refuge for my hope and sadness

Possible to find myself alone

At home



I've found my home again

I finally find myself in You

I finally find myself in You

I feel safe again

You're the one I'm running to

You're the one I'm running to

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