Fire Fall Down - Jesus Culture



'Cause I know that You're alive

You came to fix my broken life

And I'll sing to glorify

Your Holy name, Jesus Christ


Verse 1:

You bought my life with the

Blood that You shed on the cross

When you died for the sins of men

And You let out a cry, crucified, now alive in me


Verse 2:

These hands are Yours

Teach them to serve as You please

And I'll reach out desperate to see

All the greatness of God

May my soul rest assured in You



I'll never be the same

No, I'll never be the same


Verse 3:

You changed it all, You broke down the wall

When I spoke and confessed

In You I'm blessed, now I walk in the light

In victorious sight of You


Bridge 1:

Fire fall down

Your fire fall down

On us we pray


Bridge 2:

Show me Your heart

Show me Your way

Show me Your glory

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