Greetings of peace,

Are we sure that when we are doing our service, the Lord is in our midst? Whatever we do, do it with faith; or else our godliness will be in vain. But do not forget, other than faith, we must have love because I Corinthians 13:1-2 reminds us, “If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but I do not have love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. And if I have prophecy, and know all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith so that I can remove mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing.”

It is clearly said that if we do not have love, then everything we do will be useless or fail and in vain. We really need love that is proven by Jesus, the Savior of the world. This need must be confessed (with our mouth) that Jesus is the only Person who can give us salvation of eternal life (Acts 4:12) because this is related to our vision to reach spiritual maturity that one time we will be His Bride. It needs to be known that the salvation we received is merely because of God’s grace and gift. It is not our own work and deed (Ephesians 2:8-9).

We really need the love of Jesus for our salvation because our conditions are formless (ruined personal life dan marriage), void (heart) and dark (without future, because of many problems). Therefore, humility is needed to the zero point where we cannot fall again. As in the beginning of creation where the Spirit of God was hovering, then when we are at our lowest point, the Holy Spirit lifts our lives up. Here is the beginning of the strong and firm foundation/basic to be able to grow maturely as He wants.

What criterias are needed to gain His love?
The confession that Jesus Christ is the Lord (Phillipians 2:10-11) that proceeds out of our mouth as the most sinful person as admitted by Apostle Paul (I Timothy 1:13-17) and also by the criminal who was crucified beside Jesus (Luke 23:40-43). Remember, Jesus came not to call the righteous but the sinners (Mark 2:17).

It happened that the Lord came to the right target, to those who were ‘sick’ because of sin. If we experience His help, our mouth will surely glorify His Name. For example: Joseph who suffered with no guilt (hated, sold by his brothers to be a slave even imprisoned but ended as the ruler in Egypt) but from his mouth, he still praised the Lord who had planned everything for goodness (Genesis 50:20).

Application: we should use our mouth not to grumble, murmur, nor to argue, but to learn to be quiet and obedient when facing test process so that we will come out as ‘winners’ as experienced by Joseph. Do not imitate the Israelites who liked to murmur or angry to their leader even worshipped idols after they were freed from the slavery in Egypt that caused them to wander in the wilderness for 40 years, whereas they had actually been freed by the price of the Passover Lamb. Were we not also enslaved by sin but have been freed by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the Lamb, to be the servant of truth (Romans 6:17-18) to serve Him and be molded to be His glorious vessel? Illustration: the beautiful Gold Lampstand was molded from 1 talent of pure gold which was beaten (Exodus 25:31-39), not printed easily and fast. Jesus also experienced the “beaten” process of crucifixion and He did it silently and humbled Himself to death (had no voice at all) (Phillippians 2:6-8). If we die together with the Lord, we will rise with Him also (Romans 6:4) and we will be winners of any kinds of problems.

Notice that a recovery process depends on our response in facing test and temptation, the more we silent and obedient, the faster the process goes by/over. For example: Zacheus, the tax collector, quickly responded when Jesus told him to come down from the fig tree because He wanted to stay over at his house. Many might accuse him as a sinner, but Zacheus received salvation and a life change once he received Jesus (Luke 19:5-10).

Obedient in committing His commands.
Aren’t men made from ashes of the ground and given breath by the LORD to live and have activities to run well the blessing He had provided (Genesis 2:7; 1:28-30)? Unfortunately, men trespass His command that cause lost for them. For example: they eat anything they want while actually they have diabetes, hypertension, and so on.

Humble for ready to be changed.
Apostle Paul admitted, “I was a blasphemer, abuser and fierce,...greatest sinner” (I Timothy 1:13-15) while he had a great educational background under the great teacher Gamaliel (Acts 22:3). Because of his obedience in doing the Law, he really hated, even abused the followers of the way of the Lord. But on his journey near Damascus, he heard a voice “Saul, Saul, why did you persecute Me?” (verse 8). He was also processed by experiencing blindness for three days but after his eyes were opened, he totally changed to be militant in preaching the Gospel and even willing to suffer for the crucified Christ.

The fact is, God chooses those who are foolish/weak for the world to humiliate those who are wise/strong so that no one would boast before Him (I Corinthians 1:27-30).

One proof that Paul was humble was shown when facing the Corinthians who were rich in gifts but there were many schism in them because there were groupings that idolize their favorite preacher – Apolos, Peter, Paul dan Christ (I Corinthians 1:11-12). Paul explained that there are some who plant and water but the most important is God who gives growth (I Corinthians 35:8).

Application: we must honor a preacher but all greatness and glory will only be to the Lord because “for from Him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever! Amen.(Romans 11:36)
What action should be done that we will be known and acceptable more before the Lord?

Reaching maturity (spiritually), we must leave our childish nature (I Corinthians 13:11) started by words because a child’s words could not be taken into account entirely – wishy-washy, depends on the mood. A child also still has high ego, selfish and not appreciating others, way different to the adults’ traits; that is why Jesus said to Peter,  “When you were young, you tied your clothes around you and went wherever you wanted, but when you are old, you will stretch out your hands, and others will tie you up and bring you where you do not want to go.”(John 21:18)


a person who is spiritually mature could appreciate the love of Christ and grateful always for everything (Ephesians 5:20) to be used as a vessel for His glory. For example: a wife who is spiritually mature used by the Lord to win a disobedient husband toward the Word of God without many words but through behavior (I Peter 3:1-2).

What important is to undergo the process of test and trials joyfully because everything will end with happiness. But, if we have less/no wisdom while experiencing test, ask God in faith who will give generously (James 1:2-8).

Faith and love become our main motivation to experience spiritual maturity through test and trial that we could go through it with obedience and humility that one day we will pass the test and ready to be together with the Heavenly Bridegroom. Amen.

The Bible Verses are taken from NET (New English Translation) Bible


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