God of Our Fathers, the Strength of Our People



God of our fathers, the strength of our people and nation,

Gladly we come to Thy presence with true adoration,

Seeking Thy face, trusting Thy love and Thy grace,

Thou art our health and salvation.



God of all mercy, for pardon and peace we implore Thee,

Humbly confessing our faults and our failures before Thee.

Children of men, falling and rising again,

Still give us grace to adore Thee.



God of the poor and the weak, to our prayer now attending,

Teach us to follow the Master of all men in blending

Worship with deed, praises with service to need,

All men in His Name befriending.



God of all peoples, let justice and peace like a river

Flow through the world until all, in one common endeavor,

Build among men brotherhood’s kingdom, and then

Thine be the glory forever.

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