Lord of Power, Lord of Might



Lord of power, Lord of might;

God and Father of us all;

Lord of day, and Lord of night,

Listen to our solemn call:

Listen, whilst to Thee we raise

Songs of prayer, and songs of praise.



Light, and love, and life are Thine,

Great Creator of all good;

Fill our souls with light divine:

Give us with our daily food

Blessings from Thy heavenly store,

Blessings rich forevermore.



Graft within our heart of hearts

Love undying for Thy Name;

Bid us ere the day departs

Spread afar our Maker’s fame;

Young and old together bless,

Clothe our souls with righteousness.



Full of years and full of peace,

May our life on earth be blest;

When our trials here shall cease,

And at last we sink to rest,

Fountain of eternal love,

Call us to our home above.

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