Is Thy Heart Athirst to Know?



Is thy heart athirst to know

That the King of Heav’n and earth

Deigns to dwell with man below,

Yea, hath stoop’d to mortal birth?

Search the Word with ceaseless care

Till thou find this treasure there.



With the sages from afar

Journey on o’er sea and land,

Till thou see the Morning Star

O’er thy heart unchanging stand,

Then shalt thou behold His face

Full of mercy, truth, and grace.



For if Christ be born within,

Soon that likeness shall appear

Which the heart had lost through sin,

God’s own image fair and clear,

And the soul serene and bright

Mirrors back His heavenly light.



Jesus, let me seek for nought

But that Thou shouldst dwell in me

Let this only fill my thought,

How I may grow more like Thee,

Through this earthly care and strife,

Through the calm eternal life.



With the wise who know Thee right,

Though the world accounts them fools,

I will praise Thee day and night;

I will order by Thy rules

All my life, that it may be

Filled with praise and love of Thee.

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