None Else but Thee, Forevermore



None else but Thee, for evermore,

One, All, we dread, believe, adore:

Great Earth and Heaven shall have their day

And worn and old shall pass away,

But Thou remainest, on Thy throne

Eternal, changeless, and alone!



None else we praise! in every form,

In peace of calm and power of storm,

In simple flower and mystic star,

In all around and all afar,

In Grandeur, Beauty, Truth, but Thee

None else we hear, None else we see.



None else we love! for sweeter grace

That made anew a ruined race:

The heirs of life, the lords of death,

With earliest voice and latest breath,

When days begin, when days are done,

Bless we the Father for the Son!



None else we trust! our flesh may fail,

Our heart may sink when foes assail,

But Thou art strength to be our stay,

And Glory not to pass away:

None else in life and death have we,

But we have all in all with Thee!



Yea, None but Thee all worlds confess,

And those redeemed ones numberless:

None else, from everlasting One,

And evermore beside Thee none.

Of all that is, has been, shall be,

Father of Life, None else but Thee!

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