My Prayer



Verse 1

O Father, hear me as I pray to Thee,

I know that I am far from purity;

But Jesus died that sinful men might live,

So in His Name I ask Thee to forgive.



Father, Father,

Humbly now I come to Thee;

Father, Father,

Hear, oh hear my humble plea.


Verse 2

I pray that Thou wilt pardon ev’ry sin;

O Lord, forgive and make me pure within.

Plant a desire for service in my heart

And give me strength to always do my part.


Verse 3

Tonight, O Father, as the shadows creep

And I so gently close my eyes in sleep,

I pray that Thou wilt guard me through the night

And keep me safe till comes the morning light.


Verse 4

When morning comes, oh, let me rise to work,

Forbid that duty I should ever shirk;

And when at last my race on earth is run,

Grant, Lord, that I may hear Thee say, “Well done.”

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