My Righteous God, Who Oft of Old


Verse 1

My righteous God, who oft of old

Hast saved from troubles manifold,

Give answer when I call to Thee,

Be gracious now and hear my plea.


Verse 2

How long, O men, will ye defame

How long My glory turn to shame,

How long will ye vain follies prize,

How long pursue deceit and lies?


Verse 3

But know, the Lord has set apart

The man of godly life and heart

To be His favored one for aye;

Jehovah hears me when I pray.


Verse 4

In reverence wait, from sin depart,

In meditation calm your heart;

Hold fast the right, be true and just,

And in Jehovah put your trust.


Verse 5

O who will show us any good,

Exclaims the faithless multitude;

But lift on us, O Lord, we pray,

The brightness of Thy face this day.


Verse 6

More joy from Thee has filled my heart

Than great abundance could impart;

I lay me down to peaceful sleep,

For Thou, O Lord, dost safely keep.

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