O Lord, Our God, Almighty King



O Lord, our God, almighty King,

We fain would make this temple ring

With our adoring praise;

And joining with the ransomed host,

To Father, Son and Holy Ghost,

Our grateful songs we raise,

Our grateful songs we raise.



The heav’n of heav’ns cannot contain

Thy majesty, and in Thy train

Thy archangel veils his face;

Yet curtained tent or temple fair,

If humble contrite hearts be there,

May be Thy resting place,

May be Thy resting place.



We sing Thy wondrous works and ways;

We sing the glorious displays

Of love and power divine;

In all our past, Thy matchless grace,

Hath been vouchsafed within this place

The glory e’er be Thine,

The glory e’er be Thine.



These courts renewed and made more meet

For Thine abode, low at Thy feet

With prayer, to Thee we bring;

Hear and forgive; Thy love distill;

This temple with Thy glory fill;

Our Father and our King,

Our Father and our King!

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