Over Jordan (Graham)




O come and go with me,

If from sin you would be free;

You will find it good for thee,

Over Jordan.

’Tis a land of corn and wine,

And there’s fruit of every kind;

You will find it is sublime,

Over Jordan.



Over Jordan, over Jordan,

O it is a pleasant place,

For I have the “second grace.”

Over Jordan’s rolling sand

Into happy Beulah land,

’Tis a pleasant place to live,

Over Jordan.



Many will not enter in,

For they want to cling to sin,

And their journey won’t begin,

Over Jordan.

And they see the giants there,

For their vision is not clear,

And they will not go for fear,

Over Jordan.



Our leader is the Lord,

And we have His precious Word;

We will use it for our sword,

Over Jordan.

So you need not ever fear,

For He’s promised to be near,

And you’ll find Him very dear,

Over Jordan.



Now won’t you come and go,

While He’s pleading with you so,

Where the milk and honey flow,

Over Jordan.

If you’ll get the “second grace,”

You’ll be talking face to face,

While you’re running in the race,

Over Jordan.

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