Precious Blessings



Precious blessings we receive,

When on Jesus we believe,

And are walking in the Spirit day by day;

When His Word is our delight,

And our path is growing bright,

While by faith we learn to trust Him and obey.



O praise the Lord, for He is good;

O praise the Lord, our God above,

For He keeps us every hour,

And upholds us by His power,

While we dwell within the sunshine of His love.



Precious blessings that descend,

When before His throne we bend,

And the glory cloud is resting o’er us there;

Every heart with joy is filled,

Every wave of sorrow stilled,

While we feel the hallowed bliss of answered prayer.



When the world is overcome,

And its battles fought and won,

When we see our Lord and Savior in the sky;

How our hearts will overflow,

While the rapture we shall know,

When we meet Him in His kingdom by and by.

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