Yours Forever - Darlene Zschech


Verse 1

My life is in Your hands

My times are in Your hands

Though nations shake and thunders roll

I will trust in You completely


I yearn for more of You

Your grace alive in me

My life is nailed to hands that bled

In this love my soul is free



You took my place,

You took the fall

You took the nails,

That I may live forever, live forever

You rose again, You made a way

You broke the chains

And now I'm Yours forever

I'm Yours forever, yeah

We are Yours forever


Verse 2:

I worship You forevermore

In joy and suffering

Until the day I see Your face

My whole life to You my offering



Jesus, Jesus

Death could not hold You,

Freedom abounds

Jesus, Jesus

I sing of Your mercy,

The power of the cross

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