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Everyone on earth has a problem, starting from an infant until an adult will have their respective problems to be faced.

For infants, it could be the problem with their growth (at home, at shool, or in their own environment) which often influenced directly to their parents.

Parents have their own struggles in how to keep their family, earning a living for the whole family. And they even have their oen problems between a husband and wife.

Moreover, adolescence in their old ages, have their own problems with the complications and difficulties. The problems seem to have each of their levels. The older a person makes the problems grow to be more serious and variative.

In short,whether a person is a Christian or not, he/she will certainly have his/her own problems. Yet, as Christians who love the Lord and His Word, what should we do?

Shouldn't our lives be meaningful when we are following the Lord? Isn't it true that trusting the Lord will open doors of blessings for those who have faith?

Isn't it true that the Lord listens to those who cry out to Him day and night?

These questions could have crossed our minds and even echoed when we see that we never stop having problems.

The further we follow the Lord, the moee problems we have. The more we love the Lord and serve Him earnestly, it seems like problems are ready to attack us.

We have to accept problems along with the experience to trust and follow the Lord in our lives as a whole package. Sometimes we wanted to feel problem free and live peacefully without disturbances.

This kind of feeling could be felt as normal and beautiful to see, even as the right thing to do when we look at it in a glance. But if you see in the Bible, then it will be far from our expectation.


If we look closer at the stories in the Bible, starting from Abraham, Isaac,Jacob, Job, David and many more, each of them had problems.

If a person was close to the Lord, even receiving the revelation from God to be delivered to many people, it didn't mean that they would cease to live by faith.

Furthermore, when you see the characters of faith in Hebrews chapter 11, you will be amazed and stoned to see that all of then were declaring their faith over the difficult situations and challenges that they were facing.

Paul even admitted in 2 Corinthians 4:8-13 that as faithfull followers of Christ, they must have the experience to be hard pressed, perplexed, persecuted or strucked down. Meanwhile, when we see the profile of Apostle Paul, he was called by Jesus to be an evangelist for the non-Jewish nations.

Yet it was the Jewish who ran after his life and hunted him down and wanted him dead. But when Paul talked about his problems and challenges of life, he emphasized that Christ had never left him and his partners.


If you consider that it is a bad luck to have a problen in life, then you are mistaken in understanding Christian faith. If you remember the teaching of Christ about bearing the cross to serve Him, then it is clear that there is a price to pay.

When you feel that to be a Christian means not having any problem and challenge in life, then you are not mature in following the Lord.

I have mentioned above that anyone from any age will have problems. Then if you are Christians, the problems you face will surely be heavier than those who are not believers.

To be Christians means to walk according to the righteousness of the Word of God, while those who are not in Christ could choose anything they want to do without looking at God's will in the Bible.

At the time we want to do as the people of the world and it happened to be something evil in the Lord's sight, then as Christians we have to prefer to obey the Lord than following others' will.

We have to believe that to have problems does not mean as if it is the end of the world for you. It is actually an opportunity for Christians to be closer to the Lord.

Any challenges and struggles of life that you must settle and face is the task that must be solved by the believers by counting on the Lord in their lives.

To have problems is not a curse for generations, to have unceasing problems is the school of life that must be walked together with God. Never walk without the Lord. Never try to face your problem using your own thought.


There are two attitutes of Christians where they can choose to settle their problems by the way of the Lord or to settle them their own ways.

When we are faced and allowed by the Lord to experience problems, then He will not force us to choose the way that He wants. But the Lord sees if we choose His way to get out of the problems we face.

Some problems are simple and light. But there are heavy and complicated problems that consume years to be solved.

Therefore Christians are often not patient enough to wait upon the Lord's help in their life. A person can feel that he/she is the one who knows about the problem more than the Lord. Then without the Lord, the problem can be well settled.

Yet, as believers, mustn't we tsurrender problems whether smaal or big to the Lord? A small problem can turn to be big and a medium problem can turn into something serious.

The importance to have faith to the Lord is that we always depend ourselves unto Him. We surrender and submit by our whole lives unto the Lord every single day.

The Lord waits upon your faith when you are walking on the dark valley, whether you are holding on to His promises or not if you have many options to face the problems you are facing.

To have faith is the only way to take when problems surround you. Trust in Hin and rely on Him are the choices you need to make when you face problems in your life.

There is a Christian song with the title "Your power is far greater" has the lyrics that says the Lord's power is greater and He is far greater, His help won't be late. The song says that as a believer, we must be sure that all things work for good.

If you are on a battlr facing problems, never forget to surrender ourselves to Hin. Have faith until your problem is settled.

When you are weak and help seems far, and your problems seem to grow even bigger, keep on praying and put your hope to Him (1 Corinthians 5:17). Do not forget to surrender unto the Lord (Proverbs 16:3).

The Lord is awake and never sleep that He doesn't know what you are experiencing (Psalms 121:4).  If the heroes of faith in the Bible did not get help from the Lord, you have to appear as a hero of faith who is counting on the Lord in your life and struggle. The Lord bless you. Amen.


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